Birth Doula Workshop Agenda and Fees
Insert text here.I intend for this workshop to be a retreat-like experience, where we both give and receive the  
A thorough 32 hour course that equips you with the knowledge and skills 
for becoming a compassionate, effective, and professional birth doula 
as well as a successful business person!  

{Exceeds Oregon State Doula Registry requirements for 
in person birth doula educational hours (minimum 28 hours).}

    In this workshop you will both give and receive the essential elements of doula work. We blend the ancient     wisdom of women’s ways of supporting birth with evidence-based care practices. Through a holistic     approach, we expand our knowledge of the psychological, social, and emotional and spiritual aspects of     childbirth, as those have been my areas of focus for the 30 years in this field. 

   Expect to dive deep into understanding the influences on the woman’s and baby’s birth experience, learning 
   about providing labor support in a variety of circumstances and settings, and working as a professional 
   member of the maternity care team. You will gain advanced skills that facilitate the physiologic processes of 
   labor and birth, promoting wellness and normalcy.

   The days are fun and interactive with group sharing, storytelling, artwork, hands-on practice, role-play, 
   case scenarios, and thought provoking exercises blended with videos and other media. 

    You will also receive a Workshop Manual, Starter Kit, and Doula-Client Business Forms.

 4 Day Workshop Fee:  $600    $500 for 3 day Birth Doula Workshop if you have already met the Basic Childbirth Education pre-requisite prior to the Birth Doula Workshop in lieu of Day 1. (See Becoming a Doula)

See Workshop Schedule for last day to register dates

Healthy Breakfast, Snacks and Beverages, and Lunch everyday are included!

(Please read The Birth Partner, 4th Edition, by Penny Simkin before attending the workshop.)                              

    Day 1  8:00 AM to 6:00 PM  Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas

    Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
    Overview of the Birth Process - Video: Stages of Labor
    Signs of Labor and Phases of First Stage
    Support for Labor
    Labor Care and Comfort Measures
    Positions for Labor and Birth
    Relaxation, Breathing and Focusing Techniques 
    Touch Relaxation 
    Second Stage and Birth
    Newborn Appearance and Procedures
    Labor Assessments
    Complications in Childbearing
    Medical Interventions, Medications, and Cesarean Birth 
    Beginning Breastfeeding 
    Postpartum Care and Recovery

   Day 2      8:00 AM-6:00 PM    Birth Doula Workshop

    Session 1  Introduction to Labor Support
Introductions and Overview
The Heart of Doula Work-Emotional Support
Sharing Birth Stories: “What Women Remember about Birth”
Listening for Needs
Five Elements of Doula Care

     Session 2  Influences on the Childbearing Experience
Background Influences on Childbirth
Personal and Cultural Influences
Maternity Care Practices
The Gentle Birth Movement and “Ecstatic Birth”

    Session 3  The Role of the Birth Doula
History and Role of the Doula
Benefits, Qualities, and Realities of Doula Work
Working with Fathers/ Partners
DONA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
Birth Doula Certification Requirements

    Session 4    Preparation for Labor and Birth
Planting a Mental Garden
Setting Intentions
Creating a Safety Zone
Birth Ambience

  Day 3    8:00 AM-6:00 PM       Birth Doula Workshop

    Session 5     Getting into Labor
Pain Relief Tools
Creating a Coping Collage
The Labor Care Plan
Optimal Fetal Positioning
Going on Call and Attending the Birth

    Session 6      Support in Labor 
Guidance in Early and Active Labor  
Emotional Support Role
Positions, Comfort Measures and Massage
Working with a Birth Partner

    Session 7    Transition and Back Labor Helps
Active Labor Rehearsal with Mother and Partner
Transition-The Take Charge Routine
Posterior Variation of Labor
Back Pain Relief Measures

     Session 8     Second Stage, Birth, and Early Postpartum
Second Stage Guidance, Pushing and Birth
Doula's Role in Immediate Postpartum
Initiating Breastfeeding

  Day 4     8:00 AM-6:00 PM       Birth Doula Workshop

    Session 9    Role of the Doula in Difficult Births
Being a Maternity Care Team Member
The Advocacy Role  
"What if, What next?" Exercises
Fast Labors
Induction of Labor
Prolonged Labor-Positions and Movements for Progress

    Session 10    Supporting Difficult Births
Compassionate Care with Medications
Second Stage Progress Issues
Cesarean Birth Support

    Session 11     Prenatal and Postpartum Client Contact 
Initial Contact and Prenatal Interviews
Your Birth Package and Fees
Letter of Agreement
Labor and Birth Preferences 
Addressing Special Needs/VBAC
Postpartum Home Visits
Debriefing the Birth

    Session 12    Doula Challenges and Starting Your Doula Business
Values Clarification and Challenging Situations
Starting Your Business and Creating a Business Plan
Marketing and Promotion Tips

What support is available following 
the workshop?

First, I encourage you to work with your sister doulas that train with you in networking to support and refer to each other. A class roster is provided with contact inform- ation to maintain communication with each other. 

I will also provide you with connections in your community to other doulas or networks already present, and any volunteer oppor-tunities. 

If there are none, I am glad to help you enlist other women for training to build a doula presence in your area if there is not one. I can also provide you and other doulas information and guidance on how to start a doula group. We have found that forming a doula group and promoting jointly is the best way to create work for everyone.    A survey among doulas showed that referrals from other doulas were their best source of clients.

In addition, I will be continually available by phone or e-mail for questions, suggestions, or support to mentor you on your path in becoming a doula. I am dedicated to your success and it is my personal goal to have doulas available to all childbearing families in every Oregon community!

" I am so fulfilled with the  Birth Doula training. I feel it has been one of the most rewarding educational experiences of my life.       

Deb is a great teacher, detail oriented, stays on topic, fills up the whole time, and is a great compassionate speaker. She was able to answer all questions in great detail. 

I feel confident that I will be able to go out and put this training to use and serve mommas of the world. Thanks for all the tools for success."

                Betsy Goodman 
Paypal option available-See Registration