Registration and Policies

  To Register:

To reserve your space in the workshop, please complete the Online Registration Form and submit only on the same day you send your payment. If paying with a check or money order, mail to the address below. Fees can be found on the Workshop Agenda page. You may use Paypal for your convenience.  If you are registering on or after the closing date listed on the schedule page, only Paypal is accepted. 

This allows adequate time for me to confirm the workshop, order materials, purchase food, and complete my  
preparations.  Upon receipt of your payment, I will send an e-mail to confirm a space is available, so registering early is advised. 

Make checks payable to Debra Catlin, and mail to 1047 Colony Pond Dr., Eugene, OR  97401

As soon as minimum enrollment occurs, I will send an announcement to all registrants confirming the workshop, the latest time being by the closing date. Directions and workshop details will be sent to you about one week before the workshop begins, and I will call you a couple days prior to the workshop to check in. 

Late Registrations/Payments
Acceptance of a registration or payment after the closing date, is dependent upon when you contacted me,   
space availability and my discretion. Late registrations must be paid by PayPal.  

Schedule Changes
Please check the schedule on the DONA website postings before sending in your registration if  
you are registering early or need to make travel arrangements. Occasionally I have to make changes.  
I recommend that you make travel arrangements only after the workshop is confirmed to happen.

Cancellation Policies
Workshops must have a minimum enrollment to be held. This may vary depending on location. All payments will be fully refunded in the event of cancellation due to lack of enrollment or you may elect to transfer your 
registration to a later workshop.

In the event you need to cancel your attendance at a workshop, here are the refund policies:

Cancellation notice given before 14 days of the workshop will be handled by either 1) crediting your full   
payment to a future workshop, or 2) receiving a refund, minus a $25 administrative fee.

If you cancel within 8 to 14 days of the workshop, you can receive either 
1) Credit to a future workshop, plus a $50 administrative fee, or 
2) A refund minus a $50 administrative fee. (because I have invested in materials already)
3) If you cancel within 7 days, no refunds are given. If you only attend a partial workshop due to illness or  emergency, you must complete your workshop within one year.

Infants at Workshop
Nursing infants who are not yet crawling are welcome at the workshop. If possible, try to have another 
person come to give you a break. Older children may be brought at break times or lunch.

Introduction to Childbirth
Birth Doula Workshop

Workshop Registration Form

Name                                                                             Email 


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How have/will you meet the Childbirth Education Requirement? (See Becoming a Doula)

Fees Paid 

Method of Payment                                                                Date Payment Made

I give my permission to share my contact information on the class roster. 

I have read the Registration and Polices page.  Initials:

How did you find out about my workshops?

Do you have children?                            How many?                            Ages:     

​What related experience do you have surrounding childbirth?

Please describe what interests you in becoming a birth doula:

Optional: For purposes of possible future referral for clients or doula programs, it would help me to know:

Your gender Identity:                                              Preferred gender pronouns: 


Fluent Languages:

Workshop Preferences:
Please check the main sources of proteins you rely on in your diet:

Please list any food dislikes, sensitivities, or allergies:

Sensitivities or allergies to scents:

Any special needs I should be aware of?

Check any of the following you need help with: 


Introduction to Childbirth
Birth Doula Workshop
Taking Intro CourseObserved a Childbirth Education Series
I am a certified Childbirth EducatorI am a L&D Nurse,Midwife, or OB Dr.
$100 Intro
$500 Birth Doula Workshop
Check/Money Order
Plant Foods
Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas
Birth Doula Workshop