Workshop Schedule

All Days are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Oregon 2017 Workshops


June 8 Introduction to Childbirth
June 9-11 Birth Doula Workshop
Location:  Shilo Inn
Last Day to Register:  May 31


July 20  Introduction to Childbirth
July 21-23  Birth Doula Workshop
Location:  Mill Creek Inn
Last Day to Register:  July 12


August 24  Introduction to Childbirth
August 25-27  Birth Doula Workshop
Location:  1047 Colony Pond Dr.
Last Day to Register: Aug 16


Sept 28  Introduction to Childbirth
Sept 29-Oct 1  Birth Doula Workshop
Location: TBA
Last Day to Register:  Sept 20


Oct 12 Introduction to Childbirth
Oct 13-15 Birth Doula Workshop
Location: Inn at the Commons
Last Day to Register: Oct 4


Oct 26  Introduction to Childbirth
Oct 27-29 Birth Doula Workshop
Location: Silver Cloud Inn
Last Day to Register: Oct 18


Nov 16  Introduction to Childbirth
Nov 17-19  Birth Doula Workshop
Location: 1047 Colony Pond Dr.
Last Day to Register: Nov 8

Other Locations

I am able to travel to other locations as requested. Please contact me to make arrangements.

                                                         About Your Instructor

                                                    I am a Mother of four, including twins, and a Grandmother of seven. 
                                                    I became involved in this field as a direct result of my own birth 
                                                    and early parenting experiences, both positive and negative.        
                                                    I believe that the childbearing year, for both the child and the  
                                                    family is the most transformative time in one’s life. 

                                                    I have been in the field of perinatal education for 30 years, 
                                                    specializing in the emotional and psychological realms. I am an 
                                                    ICEA Certified Childbirth and Postnatal Educator, and a DONA   
                                                    International Certified Birth Doula and Approved Trainer. 

I have educated many professionals throughout my career, including doulas, nurses, midwives, physicians, community organizations, and social workers. 

I co-founded a non-profit organization in my community that offered expansive education and 
support services to expectant and new parents for 10 years there and for 15 years at our local hospital.   I also provided pre- and post partum depression support services in my community for over 12 years, Proudly, I can boast that I am a co-author of the book, Mothering Twins.

I am currently serving on Oregon State's Traditional Health Worker Systems Integration Subcomittee, helping to implement the new law utilizing doula services for OHP clients.  I am also the Education and Resource Committee Chair on the newly formed Oregon Doula Association.

I have attended over 200 amazing births and feel I have made the most difference doing this work.         
I am honored to be a birth doula, and I have been doing doula workshops since 1994, passing on 
what I have learned from so many inspiring women and men in the field. Those who have attended 
the workshops have also contributed so much to making the experience powerful, dynamic, and 
rewarding for all. This is my life’s work and I still enjoy every minute of it!


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